Looking bewildered as a lecturer gets snappy with me without warning.

I hate writing these bloody “About me” pages.  You either sound completely up yourself, or like a bit of an idiot. Well, I’m Stephen, and I’m a graduate of Journalism with Irish at Dublin Institute of Technology. I like to write, and I like to read, and a time came when I thought others might like to read what I write. And so the blogosphere parted, and I created the WordPress account and the blog.

They told us in first year that the most successful blogs tend to stick to one topic, and post about that topic on a regular basis so that they can attract and keep an audience.  You shouldn’t expect that here.  I do many interesting things, so I’ll write about them when I feel like it and throw in all sorts of Web-2.0 multimedia fun with it. Maybe.

Other interweb places I haz.


Moar photos Pix.ie

YouTube channels: Bucklesman and Bucklesman2




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